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About Us

At Organica Green Clean, our mission is to deliver exceptional, eco-friendly cleaning services. Inspired by a family’s need for safe cleaning solutions, we are committed to using non-toxic products and prioritizing sustainability. Our core values—sustainable green cleaning, exceeding expectations, and ensuring customer satisfaction—guide all our efforts. Join us in our mission to enhance lives and protect the planet through every clean.

Microfiber cloths for cleaning and a spray bottle with clean water. Tools for eco friendly

Our Story

Our journey began in a moment of profound personal need. When Olivia’s grandmother was in hospice care at her home, she expressed a simple, last wish—to spend her final days in a clean home. Yet, her sensitivity to harsh chemicals posed a significant challenge. Determined to fulfill her wish, Olivia delved into extensive research on safe cleaning solutions, discovering the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG's list of safe, non-toxic products became our guide.


Using these gentle yet effective products, Olivia was able to clean her space thoroughly. Olivia’s grandma loved the results—she was able to enjoy her final days in comfort, surrounded by cleanliness that did not compromise her health. This experience was a revelation, illuminating the positive impact that non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products could have on everyone's well-being.

Vision And Values

Moved by this experience, we founded Organica Green Clean. Our vision is simple yet ambitious: "Creating change for our clients by giving them clean homes and building a better future for our planet." We are more than a cleaning service; we are a promise of safety, health, and care for our environment and your home.

Core Values

Green Cleaning: Clean & Green: For a Better World and a Better Clean.

Going the Extra Mile: Beyond Expectations: Going the Extra Mile Every Time.

Customer Service: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We Put You First.


At Organica Green Clean, we stand committed to our mission. We ensure that every clean is powered by non-toxic and environmentally friendly products, safeguarding your health and that of the planet. Our team goes beyond mere cleaning—they deliver care, trust, and impeccable service, ensuring that every interaction with us enriches your life.

Meet The Team

Claudia Torres
Co-Owner & Managing Partner

Olivia Torres
Co-Owner & Managing Partner

Karla Torres
Support Specialist
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