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Get to Know Us

Organica Green Clean is a locally owned and operated cleaning company based in Tucson, Arizona. The company was founded in 2023 by Olivia Torres and Claudia Torres, who had a vision of creating a cleaning company that was committed to providing safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning services. Our mission is to uphold sustainability by using eco-friendly cleaning practices that ensure the safety of our clients and their families, while also offering efficient services that save them valuable time and provide a cleaner, healthier living environment.


The story of Organica Green Clean's beginnings is rooted in a heartfelt act of kindness towards a beloved family member. One day, the co-founder of the company, Olivia, received a call from his grandmother, who was in hospice care at her home in Tucson, Arizona. She wanted someone to come and clean her house, which had fallen into disarray due to her illness.


Moved by her grandmother's request, Olivia immediately headed over to her house with some cleaning supplies. As she began to clean, she noticed that the cleaning products he was using were filled with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Concerned about the impact these products might have on her grandmother's health, she began to research eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.

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Clean and Bright Studio Apartment

After some research, Olivia discovered the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that rates the safety of various household products based on their ingredients. She began to use EWG-certified cleaning products, which were not only safer for his grandmother but also more effective in cleaning her house.

After her grandmother passed away, Olivia realized that there was a need for eco-friendly cleaning services in the Tucson area. She founded Organica Green Clean as a way to provide safe and effective cleaning services to those who, like her grandmother, were concerned about the impact of cleaning products on their health and the environment.

From its humble beginnings cleaning the grandmother's house, Organica Green Clean has grown to become a trusted provider of green cleaning services in Tucson and the surrounding areas. But the company has never forgotten its roots or its commitment to providing safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning services to every customer.

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